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It's sizzling and simmering in sound alchemist Lobo Panic's magic lab while he is busy transmuting electric arcs and angry hornets into sound waves. Hypnotically pulled deeper and deeper into the abyss, beaconed by a distant siren one strays foolhardily into the netherworld, until the sizzling and simmering becomes rhythm all of a sudden and you're trapped in the master magician's magic maze. The opening moments of floating Beauty's Mára stir up notions of some disturbing b-movie that is maybe telling a classical Greek myth with all the possibilities of a modern horror film.


Like Odysseus taking on the mystery of The Ring, Orpheus meeting Freddy Kruger. Wait! Are those drums!? Maybe even people? That's a rock band playing in the distance! Can you hear that?! No, just another hallucination, another delusion luring you around a few more corners of the labyrinth so you don't find the way back to the safe spot you had found before. So, onward and follow the siren's call. She sounds near, must be very close now! Maybe in the next room?


And thus the listener gets lost as floating Beauty produces images and delusions before the inner eye only to deconstruct them moments later. It's not the kind of music you bring to a stoner party and expect to win many friends, but it's really a great stimulant for imaginative people and synaesthesiacs. Structures arise from the constant but irregular basic noise, wash over you like waves and then they're gone again. The mad chainsaw-wielding Minotaur is back. I've got to go!

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