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A stunning combination of great dynamics, emotional responses and great arrangements, making for a unique listening experience for people from all walks of life.

Floating Beauty is a music project with an eclectic sound and a very visionary identity. The concept driving the artist’s music is definitely based on creative openness, and in fact, his sound is all about blurring the lines between various genre definitions and ideas.

What really stands out about this release is the cinematic scope of these lush instrumental compositions. Inspired by modern composers, as well as soundtracks and post-rock, Floating Beauty represents an exciting musical crossroads, where different ideas collide into a truly unique situation. The artist’s most recent studio release is actually a full-length studio album titled “Like A Glare In The Night.”

The suggestive title paves the way to a collection of beautiful pieces of music, which are highly enjoyable on their own, but make even more sense when enjoying them back to back!

What’s really special about Floating Beauty is definitely the fact that the artist has a one-of-a-kind approach to building textures within the song’s arrangements. It is not just about blurring the lines between different overtones, but also allowing each sound to breathe, and coexist with one another in a very harmonious and balanced way. Throughout the span of 9 exciting songs, this album unfolds with a classy sound, and a lot of beautiful passages, making each song flow seamlessly into the next. It is almost as if this was a beautiful extended suite, because the songs are perfectly sequenced, making for a really unique approach to the listening experience that fuels this release.

Ultimately, this is more than just a collection of disjointed songs, but a truly encompassing listening experience that will rapt and captivate the audience. Regardless of your background and music tastes, it’s impossible not to find the inner beauty of these remarkable compositions, which almost seem to speak directly to your senses.

Find out more about Floating Beauty, and do not miss out on “Like A Glare In The Night” as well as other astonishing releases from this talented artist and performer.

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