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On “Like A Glare In The Night” floating Beauty delves into a fully realized world, a surrealistic tour de force through an unknowable geography. Effortlessly drawing from early Warp Records, floating Beauty proves to have an impressive ear for melody. Throughout the whole of the album floating Beauty creates something that draws from folk, field recordings, industrial, and ambience. Every single gesture feels carefully considered, with each piece akin to a suite in a greater symphony. At times floating Beauty even touches upon Autechre’s early, humanistic efforts.


By far the highlight comes with the incredible opener, the pulsing minimalist energy of “Glow”. Over the course of the piece the song veers from near silence to bursts of noise, all possessing such radiant colors. The natural world comes into the fray on the soothing “Glitter”. A tender form of experimentation flows through the whole of “A Whisper”. Resonant keys pour through the whole of “Gleam” where floating Beauty draws from a classical tradition akin to that of Max Richter’s thoughtful work. Isolationist drone radiates from the eerie scope of “Dark Storm”. Going for a feral sort of spirit “Night Falls” feels just right as it speeds up and slows down, seemingly on a dime. Electro influences run through the whole of the album closer, the fantastic patience of “Bright Light Down”.


“Like A Glare In The Night” shows off floating Beauty’s deft skill in sculpting gracious symphonies the seemingly float on upward into the infinite.

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