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Everything about floating Beauty’s Experimental sound is a little terrifying; from the veracity of the beats that hit you to the echoes that hide in the spaces between the sound. floating Beauty wasn’t kidding when he warned that his album is not for the faint of heart. I can see why their ethereal sound would get lost on those who don’t fall under the audiophile spectrum. The album requires total immersion into the music for you to truly appreciate the level of complexity which has been layered into the compelling cacophony of sound.

The range of complimentary discords and contexts that are thrown into the mix is a testament to the pioneering level of genius that went into the composition of this sound. The tracks are a little longer than what you’d find on your typical Experimental Electronic albums, but when you’re fully inside of a track, the last thing you’re considering is it fading out. Every one of the 6 tracks contains a uniquely delicate experience fuelled with intelligence and substance. After the album concluded I could see why the experimental artist found floating Beauty an apt name for the pure aural alchemy that he so deftly exudes. To create his sound, the enigmatic artist lent some pious inspiration and sound from his local monastery and mixed their chanting with his trusty analog console before recording with his vintage tape machine. How he manages to create such a perfectly polished sound when in theory it should sound lo-fi as hell is astounding!

So, if pounding, thrashing pulsing distortion is just your cup of tea, stick on a pair of head phones and sink into the empyreal chaos that is about to greet your eardrums.

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