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floating Beauty is back with more mindgames and music that is pushing the boundaries of horror and psychedelia. Enriched by field recordings made in the monastery of Kovilj in Serbia, the album Kovilj is painting a dark picture in warm vibrant colours. The listener can almost smell the burning olibanum, see the processions of an ancient cult, experience the underlying spirituality that permeates all things and feel embraced and creeped out at the same time. While the album is made up of six individual tracks, they have to be thought of as pieces or segments of a suite. Silence settles in only to be broken, nightmares are conjured up from the shadows only to be dispatched by the master alchemist. It is a disturbing image he is painting, but it's a damn good one. floating Beauty's Kovilj truly is a magical vortex for the imagination.  READ MORE >>>

floating Beauty Kovilj
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