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He is back. The man with the second face. Although some legends entwined around him, probably nobody would be able to tell them anymore. For several years now, he completely retired from the scene. He installed his studio in an isolated, ancient farm, to finally find his peace. To do what he is here for. In search of the "true" sound, he composed a lot of music, produced experimental soundtracks and made, wherever he was located in this world, field recording sessions. He visited churches and monasteries, talked to monks and divines, captured spiritual chants with his recorders.


Lobo Panic, who appears as a producer, sound alchemist and mystic jack of all trades for so many artists, is back here, somewhere here. But this time he comes in person, as himself and he´s casting dark shadows. He calls it "floating Beauty," but at times when it hisses, moans, pounds and distorts like hell, it could be perceived as quite unpleasant. Hypnotic pulsating delays are talking to us from the background, sacred mantras in an apparently never-ending circle. It´s his ghost, but also the ghosts in the apparatuses that unite to a great stubborn orchestra. Recording with vintage tape machines, on old reels from the 70ies with tube microphones through a big analog console, the sound seems to be a relic from the past. But this alleged ugliness sounds beautiful somehow and runs like our remaining time constantly through the head. For sure this is not music for the charts or the daily radio programme because these are boxes "floating Beauty" does not fit in. And perhaps never will. Too bulky, too wide, too impetuous and especially too demanding is what is going on here. If you have the impression that nothing happens for minutes, exercise patience and continue listening. You won´t make the big deal cash on the nail. But this is exactly, what "floating Beauty" is all about. This is the sound of imagination, a great mind trip and visionary music for films, which have not been made yet.

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